St. John Fisher College Chapter of the American Marketing Association
    Grim Digital Media, LLC. speaks at St. John Fisher College Chapter of the American Marketing Association
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    Professional Engineers Need Digital Marketing Too
    Advertising for Professional Engineers has come a long way since the early 1900's.
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    The Necessary Evil of Managing Local Listings
    If you have a local business and you aren’t managing your local listings, go Google your business now – you’re almost certain to find incorrect or incomplete information that’s been posted without your knowledge… misspellings in your business name, missing or broken website links, old or missing phone numbers, the wrong location(s) to your storefront or office, or hours of business that aren’t really when you’re open. How does this stuff get there? And how can you fix it?
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    Business Cards in the Digital Age – What’s the Point?
    The importance of business cards. GRIM Digital Media business card project. Designing a business card that leaves the right first impression.
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    How Content Marketing Really Works
    Content Marketing can help promote your business on several levels – some intuitive, and others requiring an understanding of how search engines determine where to place your business website and social media channels in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). If you want to have a firm grasp on how your marketing agency is proposing to spend your budget, take a few minutes to go through the mechanics of how Content Marketing really works for potential customers – and for search engine robots.
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    Now TV Commercials at the gas pump!  Really? Sometimes in marketing, we
    If you think TV commercials at the gas pump are 'Pushy' you are correct. Push Marketing versus Pull Marketing. What's the difference and what type of marketing strategy does you business need? Why not try a Push-to-Pull Marketing Strategy? Never heard of it? That's because I made it up. It all makes sense after you read this.
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     Branding Like a Fisherman Not Like Cattle - Quality Branding vs Quantity Branding
    Quality branding vs Quantity Branding. Build a brand that will last over time. Strong with substance behind it. Creating your brand requires thought and creativity. Before sticking your company logo on everything from mouse pads to coffee cups consider the value of your branding efforts.
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    Should Video Be Part Of Your Online Marketing Strategy?
    Is it worth your time and expense to create a brand video for your company’s website and/or social media channels?
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    Get Your Business Online Without a Website
    Begin building a starter online presence through Customer Channels like Google My Business/Google+ Pages and Social Media outlets. And do it without spending a dime.
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    Five simple Marketing Ideas That Can Help Your Small Business Increase Sales
    We often are asked the simple question: “Can you help me find more customers and increase sales?” Below is a list of five simple small business marketing tips to help increase sales. Following these five simple things will help build more customers, more traffic to your website, and more opportunities for you to increase your sales
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