Should Video Be Part Of Your Online Marketing Strategy?

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    Should Video Be Part Of Your Online Marketing Strategy?

    The answer to these questions is YES, and more YES. Is it easy to create a quality video and know how to use it? Probably not. Is it possible? Absolutely yes. Here are a few examples of the value of video from a SEO perspective as well as some high-level pointers on developing and handling the content itself.

    SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

    A recent Google algorithm, Hummingbird, developed in late 2013 recognizes “Quality Content” over just key words on a website - and video content falls firmly in this category. And more recent updates to the algorithm continue to highlight this theme. So, how does Google recognize quality video content as of late? The numbers range from about 30X to 50X more likely to rank on Google’s first page search results! The use of a Rich Video Snippet (a thumbnail image that shows up in the search results) will further enhance your SERP placement.

    CTR (Click-Through Rate)

    Click-Through Rate is a simple formula (clicks/impressions X 100%) that describes the chance of getting a “click” when your website shows up on a search results page. If your site has quality video (raising the search results ranking), with a Rich Video Snippet associated with the results page listing, you’re going to get that many more clicks.

    Lower Your Bounces

    Once a potential customer has finally made it all the way to your website, will they stay there and hang out for a while? Google pays attention to the amount of time someone spends at your website. If they stop in and immediately leave, they bounce. If they stay for a while, check out your video (ideally, near the top of your home page), and then poke around your services content – Google notices – and you are on your way to achieving real, meaty SEO, generating more leads, and converting them to actual customers.

    Emotional Reaction

    Digital marketing is not only a sea of ‘”ones” and “zeros” flowing to and from the giant search engines of the internet. People actually watch the video. As in, human beings. If your site’s video can create an emotional reaction in a viewer (laughter, educate, shock, annoy, amaze), the video can create a movement of its own. Some website videos (check out Dollar Shave Club) are so effective at eliciting a viewer response – on a low production budget, but with top-notch writing – that it becomes a viral phenomenon. And then, so does the business.

    Some Tips Here and There:

    Quality matters

    To be real, bad video will not help you in the least. And yes, making a good video is not easy. But if you have good writing from the start, excellent video production and organization, and consistent vision, it can be done relatively cheap and effectively. Basically, don’t suck at content OR video production if you’re going to take on this task.

    Behind the scenes

    Things like Rich Metadata matter. Without going too deep into the subject here, be sure your background information is complete, to say the least. If you can find a way to use analytics and tracking through your video, do it. Also, it’s not a bad idea to offer a transcription of your video to capture those text buzz words search engines still look for. And to give your viewers an alternative to watching the video. Research other online video sites (YouTube) and see how interacting with them can further your results tailored to your needs.

    Short and sweet

    Keep your video around two minutes long and make sure its content is top notch. Most of all, have fun with it – you never know where the video could lead.

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