Measurable ROI from Online Marketing

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    Measurable ROI from Online Marketing

    ROI is an Essential Tool for Figuring Out What the Client Gains From SEO and Digital Marketing

    Return on Investment is what every business owner (including myself) needs to evaluate all the time.  One of the reasons I have grown my SEO business is because of the plethora of stories that I heard from people claiming to do SEO and Online Marketing.  I always asked the same question, “How do I know it's working?”  Most if not all of the people claiming to know SEO could not answer that question and would not entertain the idea of ROI and SEO.  However, a great asset of online marketing is the ability to measure it’s success.  If you spend a ton of money on a traditional billboard over the busiest highway near your city you can estimate how many cars drive by but you have no way to measure what results that billboard created if any.

    However, with online marketing we can measure the effectiveness of an SEO campaign and make adjustments to drive better results as needed.  You need to evaluate your results by looking at the available data. ROI (Return on Investment) is a commonly used profitability ratio that helps to separate profit from assets. Typically, ROI is net profit divided by total assets. In SEO, looking at ROI helps to reorganize data and make adjustments to meet the campaigns’ goals.  

    ROI for SEO helps to determine whether the cost of paying for SEO is ultimately worth it. As a metric, it shows whether you're driving more revenue than what you're losing in marketing.  The advantage of online marketing is a measurable ROI versus traditional advertising mediums that can at best, estimate their success.

    Small Businesses Want to Know

    Small businesses need to know the ROI.  It is particularly important in a small business because they're not big-budget firms that can afford to spend $3,000 a month on ongline marketing whether or not it works. They want to see that there is a measurable return on their investment.  This is a GRIM advantage because we track and measure everything in our client’s dashboard. We review ROI on a monthly basis.

    Another GRIM advantage is using our Call Tracking

    We use call tracking services to measure ROI. Why? Many small businesses still receive the majority, or at least a fair percentage of their leads from a phone call. If you don't track where those calls are coming from, you have no real idea whether they're resulting from PPC, SEO, email reminders, or other marketing tactics.  Measurable ROI is the big difference between online marketing with GRIM and traditional marketing elsewhere.

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